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A sparkling, beautiful smile is a tool that can assist in getting a new job, advancing in your career, social interactions, and other interpersonal activities. Having a smile you are proud of instills confidence and encourages you to smile more, making you more approachable. More and more dentists these days are choosing to specialize in cosmetic dentistry. A cosmetic dentist is a dental professional that focuses on procedures that improve the appearance of teeth, but do not necessarily affect functionality. From teeth whitening to full smile makeovers, the skills of a cosmetic dental professional are extensive.Find additional information at

The most requested cosmetic dental service is tooth whitening. A cosmetic dentist has several methods of bleaching the surface of the teeth. Some methods involve a series of visits to the dental office where gels are applied to the teeth and set with a special blue light. Others consist of trays being ordered that conform to the patient’s teeth. The patient takes the whitening solution and trays home and applies the whitening process. Though there are over-the-counter tooth whitening methods, but those that are offered in a cosmetic dental practice are usually stronger and more effective.

When patients have teeth that are misshapen or do not match up well, a cosmetic dentist may offer tooth reshaping, bonding, or veneers to create a more uniform, attractive smile. Tooth reshaping is like sculpting the tooth. Stripping of tooth enamel can be performed to even out a chip, shorten overly long teeth, or reshape the width of a tooth. Bonding can be used to build up, widen, or lengthen a tooth and reshape it. The bonding material is like enamel that is applied to the tooth, shaped, and hardened. This is a good option for chips, gaps, and small imperfections in teeth that are otherwise in good shape.